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My name is Leslye and I am an Australian mother of four - and grandmother of three.

I have been involved with kids ever since I can remember. When just a young child myself I would take younger kids to the park, a walk around the block, or just read them a book. As well as my natural born children I have opened my home and heart to foster children.

Currently I am physically disabled and spend my time making knitted, crochet, and sewn toys for the kids at the local hospital and the refuge for domestic violence victims. I also try to give some toys to the Police and Ambulance Services and a newly formed group of the Victims of Crime.

It is my ambition to encourage as many people as possible to give some of their time and skills to children in need.  I do not want to beat drums, hold public forums, or corner people into helping, but the softer approach of setting an example so that others can find it within themselves to share a little with the wonderful kids in this world.

My mother lives with me and we both put most of our energies into the making of toys. Our home looks something like Santa’s Workshop!!!

Traumatised children will be the traumatised adults of tomorrow.

I hope you can find it in your heart to care about the kids.

They are the future!