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This gallery of photos are some of the projects that have been lovingly made by members of the Joyful Toys Group.  Come back and visit this page often as it will change as new photos become available.  Collectively we make scores of toys each month and this page cannot be host to all of them, this is just a sample ...

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You must recognise these wonderful characters!!   Sue Caron has been busy at being creative, and these wonderful toys are her first attempts at designing.  Can you believe that she made Eeyore and Piglet without writing down one word of what she had done?  No record, so there are no patterns available.  By the time she made Winnie, she was a little wiser and wrote down each stitch.

What talent - a round of applause for Sue!!!

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This magnificent reproduction of Puss In Boots was made by Emilyn from Jean Greenhowe's book of Knitted Animals.  Beautiful work, Emilyn. I'm sure that Jean would be proud to see such workmanship Pepe Poodle was designed in crochet by Leslye's mother, Alma.  These are quick and easy to make and the kids really love them!!
Carey & dolls.jpg (24615 bytes) MassieClown.JPG (10521 bytes)
Carey is the daughter of Sue and her happiness is evident as she poses with her two new dolls, Young Sweetie (Jean Greenhowe) and Little Miss Sunshine (Alan Dart).  Clever Sue, lucky Carey! Leslye called this original creation "Massie the Clown" and reports that he is quick to make and a wonderful way to use up yarn left-overs.

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Gerry the Giraffe was made my Alma, and she assures me that he is meant to be sitting down on the job.  Those long, long legs get very tired after a day on the open plains. Is Carey  the owner of the darling ballerina made by Sue?  This little delightful charmer is from Mascot Dolls of Jean Greenhowe